Hat – Molōn Labe

327 Infantry Veterans


For the discerning gun owner . . . The Greek phrase Molōn labe! (Μολὼν λαβέ; approximate Classical Greek pronunciation [molɔ̀ːn labé], Modern Greek [moˈlon laˈve]), meaning “Come and take them!”, is a classical expression of defiance reported by Plutarch in response to the Persian Army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons. It corresponds roughly to the modern equivalent English phrase “over my dead body”, “bring it on” or, most closely, “come and get it”.
Hats are manufactured with a Velcro closure so one size fits most. The bill is a bit longer (more like a baseball cap) than our standard Above The Rest, Bastogne or No Slack Hats also displayed within the PX.

The price includes your name sewn across the back and standard USPS shipping within the Continental United States.

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