Troopers Category: D Company

327 Infantry Veterans

Croxton, Benjamin

Vietnam 2nd battalion Benjamin Croxton H & H (Hawks), A, B, C, D Companies 1967 - 1968 Combat Photographer 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne I got to 1st Brigade 101st HQ PIO office in August 1967... My first assignment's were both 1st & 2nd 327th line companies in Chu Lai...I meet with the CO of [...]

Wurm, Jim

Vietnam 2nd battalion Jim Wurm D Company 1970 - 1971 Jim is a very sick man and I just wanted him to find some of the guys he served with. He has illnesses related to AO, PTSD, and short term memory loss. He has a CIB badge and was awarded a Bronze Star w/v [...]

Teece, John F.

Vietnam 2nd battalion John F. Teece D, E Companies 1971 - 1972 I served with Co. D, 2/327th Inf from March,1971 till October, then I transferred to Co. E, 1/327th Inf until the early withdrawls brought me home in January, 1972. I joined the Army as soon as I turned 18 and quit high [...]

Swing, Rick

Vietnam 2nd battalion Rick Swing D Company 1968 - 1969 I was drafted May 29, 1968. I had Basic Training at Ft. Campbell, Ky. AIT was at Ft. Lewis, Wash. I landed in Vietnam in Oct. 68. I was assigned to the 101st Abn. Div. I was sent to Camp Eagle and assigned to [...]
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