Troopers Category: 2nd Battalion

327 Infantry Veterans

Bagley, Norm

Vietnam 2nd battalion Norm Bagley H & H, A & B Companies 1966 - 1967 I arrived in country 30 April 1966. Assigned to HHQ 2/327 and attached to B Co. 3rd. platoon as a Medic in Tuy Hoa. Humped around there for awhile breaking in all us new guys. Seemed like we were [...]

Arnold, Ted

Vietnam 2nd battalion Ted Arnold H & H Company 1966 - 1967 My father is MSgt Ted Arnold of the 327 Headquarters Co. and served under Col. Joe Wasco, the Bn CO. Bud Arnold Back to the Troopers

Apraham, Greg

Vietnam 2nd battalion Greg Apraham H & H Company 1967 I was a Patrol Leader (Hawk 1-2) with the Reconnaissance Platoon. Arrived in country early January 1967, wounded September 1967 and returned to CONUS in November 67. Entered the Army 7/7/64 Basic at FT Dix, A/8/3 Infantry Trng at FT Gordon Basic Airborne School [...]
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