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327 Infantry Veterans

Protzman, Jonathan (Jon)

Vietnam 2nd battalion Jonathan (Jon) Protzman B, H & H Companies 1967 - 1968 Not much of a bio on my army days, B 2/327 06-67 to 06-68. All I remember is SSGT Knight was Plt. Sgt. A black guy nicknamed Smokey trained me on point before he deros'ed, Hell I can't even find [...]

Sheridan, Dennis

Vietnam 2nd battalion Dennis Sheridan B, A, H & H Companies 1969 - 1970 Nam Oct '69 to December 14th '70 - 2/327th. Oct '69 to Dec '69 3d platoon leader B Co. and Dec '69 to Mar '70 2nd platoon leader A Co. Co A CO (a story in itself) and XO, Bn [...]

Warren, James A.

Vietnam 2nd battalion James A. Warren H & H Company 1967 - 1968 Brothers, Turn up your volume and visit our Brother James Warren's web site. James passed away early last month and his son Robbie is maintaining his site and has added pictures of his father's funeral service. Please sign the guest book. [...]

Vermilye, Jon

Vietnam 2nd battalion Jon Vermilye H & H, D Companies 1968 - 1969 I was in D company for the first part of my tour (August 68 - 69) and got transfered to HQ to serve as S2/3 clerk after about 5 months in the field. Back to the Troopers
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