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327 Infantry Veterans

Strachan, Harry W.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Harry W. Strachan C, E Companies 1968 Spec 4 Harry W Strachan Feb 68-Dec 68 Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Leader Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, VSR,VCR w/device CIB, Airborne Wings Apr. 25th. 1968 C Co Aug 11th. 1968 Ashau Valley, E Co. Air Assault [...]

Stoddard, David

Vietnam 2nd battalion David Stoddard C, E Companies 1968 - 1969 I came to Viet Nam in April 68. I was assigned to 2/327 C Company for the first 5 months in country, and than went to the mortar section for while. I later was assigned as E Company armorer, where I served the [...]

Horn, Stephen

Vietnam 2nd battalion Stephen Horn C, E Companies 1969 - 1970 Don't remember the jump school class but graduated around February 1969. Ranger class 10-69. Had 3rd platoon from October 1969 to May 1970, then had E company until just about September. It was mostly night ambush around Phu Loc District from October through [...]

Dudley, Woodrow (Woody)

Vietnam 2nd battalion Woodrow (Woody) Dudley C, E Companies 1967 - 1968 I enlisted in the US Army on 7-01-1966 and served my tour of duty in Vietnam from 12-67-12-68. I briefly served with the 1/506th. & the 2/506th. and spent most of my tour serving with Charlie Company 2/327 & as a SGT [...]

Teofilak, Tony

Vietnam 2nd battalion Tony Teofilak B, E Companies 1968 - 1969 Wife Peggy, son Tom and grandsons Anthony and Devin. Joined B Company April '68 through December '68. Then, joined E Company until April '69. Humped the M-16, M-79 and oh yeah, humped the 81mm mortar into Laos in early April '69. Have worked [...]

Izard, Fred

Vietnam 2nd battalion Fred Izard B, E Companies 1967 - 1968 I joined 2nd plt. B Co. 2/327 in Oct 67. Since I was the new guy with no rank I got stuck with a radio. I carried the radio for platoon Sgt. Corea (Jaguar) for about 6 months. Then I was transfered to [...]

Wolfgang Jr., John L.

Vietnam 2nd battalion John L. Wolfgang Jr. A, C, E Companies 1968 - 1969 My name is Mark Wolfgang, the 2nd oldest son of John L. Wolfgang Jr. who was a member of the 2/327 Hawks Recon in 68-69. I checked all over your fantastic website and I can't find my Dad's name anywhere on [...]

Seidl, Gerry

Vietnam 2nd battalion Gerry Seidl E, A Companies 1969 - 1970 Plt Ldr E 2/327 (Radar), HHC S-3 Air, Commanding Officer A 2/327 Aug 70-Nov 70. UCLA graduate 1968 entered the Army upon graduation Ft. Benning basic course, Ranger school, Airborne school. Went to Germany 2/30 3rd Infantry Division. Plt Ldr and CO C [...]
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