Troopers Category: C Company

327 Infantry Veterans

Christensen, Allen R.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Allen R. Christensen H & H, C Companies 1965 - 1966 Allen Christensen grew up as an Army brat living at various military posts in the U.S. and in post-war Austria. His father, Arthur, was a Bataan Death March survivor and career Infantry officer. Allen joined the Army after high school, [...]

Cato, Charlie

Vietnam 2nd battalion Charlie Cato H & H, A, C Companies 1967 Yep.. HHC 2nd 327.. assigned to A Co most of the time. Spent a little time over there at C Co with Zorba the Greek. Joined up on October 8th 1965 here in Atlanta. Signed up for Aviation Electronics School. Had a [...]

Beegle, Chuck

Vietnam 2nd battalion Chuck Beegle H & H, C Companies 1966 - 1967 Enlisted 1961, jump school Ft Bragg, NC. Nov 61. We were tha last divisional jump school class. After that all basic jump tng done at Ft Benning. Went into the 82d Airborne, 82d PPM&AD (parachute rigger). Went to Japan in 1963, [...]

Beal, Larry

Vietnam 2nd battalion Larry Beal C, H & H Companies 1970 - 1971 I was in C company the first few months in country, I was then transferred to Headquarters company after my hearing went bad. I was then a truck driver for supply. Spent a lot of time at Camp Eagle. But remember [...]
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