101st Airborne, 327th Infantry Regiment
327th Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne 327 Infantry 327th Infantry Regiment
327th Memorial Dedication

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The Badge of Glory
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Bastogne   Vietnam

327th Glider Infantry Regiment WWII


In memory of our fallen comrades . . .The 327th Infantry Memorial was dedicated in 1988.

A Warrior's Last Steps Home Author Unknown  

1st Battalion   2nd Battalion

1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division These pages tell the stories of the men from the 1st Battalion, the places they fought and the far away places where some of them died. There are stories from foxholes, helicopters, the jungle, the mud, the heat, and the rain. Some stories are funny, some are heartrending.


When the going gets tough and you need someone to depend on, the 1